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4th Grade Performance
Thursday, April 21st, 2022

Every year the Ramona Bowl presents a performance of Ramona just for 4th graders. This began because the 4th grade content standards include the history that is covered by Ramona. The California Department of Education declared that “The Ramona Pageant is more educational than building a mission from sugar cubes.”

For the students who come to the show it is an exciting day of watching the history of California and the very valley where they live, come to life. The struggle of the Native Americans, the changing of California from Spanish territory to part of the United States, the shift in the cultures and the peoples. The children are awed with the thundering cowboys, the swirling Spanish dancers, and the majesty of the Elder Blessing.

Many of the children go on to become part of the show, becoming children of the Rancho, Rock Indians, Spanish dancers, and some, like Jehnean Washington and Kayla Contreras go on to become Ramona.