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Ramona's 100th Anniversary Season

1923 RAMONA 2023

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsors and donors are our most critical partners in the production of such an epic tale… so “Ramona” is their story.

With your support, The Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre has been proud to tell the story of Ramona for 100 years. With your ongoing sponsorship we hope to keep telling it for another 100 years.
As local “for profit” entertainment venue competition grows, “Ramona” finds herself struggling to find her place in entertainment priority, and by consequence, social relevance.
Despite rising and falling economies, generous sponsorship will help us preserve Helen Hunts brave and revolutionary achievement “Ramona”.

We have many opportunities to support “Ramona” through both personal, small business and corporate levels.
So whether you would like to support “Ramona” as an individual, or as a family and be part of a rich tradition in California History or if you are looking to take advantage of our marketing reach, we sincerely appreciate your support.

For Sponsorship Opportunities Please Contact Us At:
Tel: (951) 658-3111
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“If I could write a story that would do for the Indian a thousandth part what Uncle Tom’s cabin did for the African American [sic], I would be happy for the rest of my life.”

Helen Hunt Jackson, 1830-1885
19th Century Novelist and Indian Rights Activist