Milford Zornes Fresco

Milford zornes fresco 600x407
When you come into the museum at the Ramona Bowl, go straight to the back of the room, turn left and look up… you will behold something very special. It looks like a mural, however it is a fresco that was created by Milford Zornes and his Otis Art Institute students in 1942. They created the 16 x 18 foot fresco in six weeks. Why Zornes decided to create this at the Bowl still remains a mystery.

Zornes graduated from the Otis Art Institute in 1927 and became known throughout the country and the world as a leader in the California style water color movement. Zornes painted and taught classes around the globe and his paintings are represented in collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the White House and the Library of Congress.